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Naomi, @ Katherine Hamnett Spring/Summer 2004

July 20, 2014


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi! (at Sheikh Zayed Mosque)


Anonymous said: sorry i dont have tumblr, would you be interested in hiring out your scanlon dress? thanks xxx

yes potentially … face book inbox me Scarlet Robertson. you might need to add me to message me im not sure how it works

red-sequins said: You looked beyond incredible at your formal! Where was your dress from? xx

Thank/you! Scanlan theodore not in stores anymore but inbox me if interested

Anonymous said: Wow you look so much like tumblr user haihl

Who is haihl

m-inxed said: haha this is probably the queerest thing but I saw you today in heads, I was having breakfast and you walked past and I was like omg hahaha

Barwon heads!! Haha mint should have said hey

Anonymous said: you looked gorgeous for the formal!! xx

thanks :D

Anonymous said: whats the best place to get a simple jumper or cardigan? xx

FAT has cool ones 

Anonymous said: what would you wear to a formal ap?

sneakers for sure 

Anonymous said: Are you currently dating anyone?

no it rocks